The 2014 #JBowl Journey – Storified


The 2014 #JBowl Journey – Storified

#JBowl – no, this is not on the syllabus, and we haven’t really talked about Twitter yet. But let’s do it! SuperBowl has something for everyone – hate football? Well,there are always the ads, the halftime show etc. Or, you can use Twitter to express your disdain for all the above things. IMPOSSIBLE for you to watch even a few minutes? Google some of the ads or other clips that will be posted online after/during the game. Some of you have done this before, but it can be an interesting learning experience to actively participate in an event online. Tweet your thoughts/observations using the hashtag #jbowl. Show us “the scene” where you are watching the game. Respond to other folks also using the #jbowl hashtag. Create a Storify of the above…and include a few other tweets you found fun or interesting.

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Photo365 Challenge – Day 13


Bonono, being the curious monkey that he is, decided to climb on top of the TV to make sure that Super Bowl score was real.

He was not amused…. However, he thought that giving Peyton a little pat on the butt would help his performance.  

It apparently did not give Peyton the boost, “Nono” anticipated.

He says this was the worst day so far during this Photo365 Challenge



Remember:  In the coming weeks, you may see pictures of The Adventures of Bonono and Bones.  Bones, a puppy, is Bonono’s pal and companion in crime.
Currently, Bones is working on his own Photo365 Challenge.  If you’re interested in seeing what he is up to, follow him by clicking here.