Memphis #SocialJ #J7330


In these pages you will find the posts for the assignments required in the University of Memphis Graduate School, Social Media Practice & Theory Class – divided into four sections:

1.  Ramblings on the Weekly Readingsbigstock-Social-Media-Sign-28292228

2.  Social Media Storify

3.  Photo365 Challenge

4.  The Journal


If you delve any further into these pages, you will essentially be reading my homework.

But that’s perfectly fine with me – although it may not be that interesting to you.

Unless you happen to nerd out on emerging trends in social media and my insights on the influencers who write them – you may find yourself lost inside the depths of my analytical and overexpressive mind if you click on the appropriately titled “Ramblings on the Weekly Readings” or utterly bored to death if you click on “The Journal” – it’s just that – a journal answering the questions assigned by the one and only, Dr. Carrie Brown-Smith

However, you may find the “Social Media Storify”  somewhat interesting.  The Social Media Storify is a collection of tweets, posts, flicks, tumbles, images, videos, and links about different events.  For example, Week 1 is a “Week in the Life of Robin – Storified,” and Week 2 is my “2014 #jbowl Journey – Storified.”  Check ’em out – tell me what you think.

You definitely don’t want to miss the Photo365 Challenge!  I will be posting a picture a day, hopefully for 365 days, but definitely through May 1st.  Let me know if you like what you see!

And since this a social media class, emphasis on the word “SOCIAL”,  feel free to follow my blog and join us via #J7330.


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