The Daily Journal

This space will be used as a “journal” or at least that is the intended purpose. I’ll just answer the questions as assigned and hope that something meaningful makes its way onto the page, every now and then.

Post 1 – Social Media Use

Post 2 – Topic Blog

Post 3 – Topic Blog Influencers

Post 4 – The Twitter, The Tweet, & Me

Post 5  – A Perfectionist Print Designer and the World Wide Web

Post 6 – Facing the Feedback

Post 7 – Photo365 Challenge is…Challenging

Post 8 – Reflections of a Picture Taker & a Movie Maker

Post 9 – Location Location Location:  It’s Where I Am

Post 10 – Do You Like Me?  Check Yes or No.

Post 11 – Leveraging LinkedIn

Post 12 – It’s All About Me:  Branding & Strategy

Post 13 – Facebook Strategy

Post 14 – Interactive Databases, Visualization, & Maps

Post 15 – Up Next…Next Door

Post 16 – Final Project

Post 17 – I Bid Adieu #SocialJ7330


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