I Bid Adieu #SocialJ7330


The time has come to say goodbye…to #socialj7330.  

But first….



I’ve decided to spend a couple of extra minutes and tell you some of my key takeaways from this class.  Of course, I’m going to do them in my own way.  How else would you have me be?


I Learned:

1.  …that there is never enough time in life to accomplish all the things that I want to accomplish in the manner in which I want to accomplish them.  Sometimes, somethings got to give.



2.  …that making a blog look exactly the way you want it to look is harder than you think.  Posting something online adds over 30 minutes to the writing and layout process.  Font sizes change without telling you, picture sizes grow once the post has been published, and you always find a typo once you hit PUBLISH.

oh crap


3.  …that some days I am a much better writer than other days.  My brain starts writing the post before I am able to get it on the page.  However, it’s similar to drawing…it never looks the same as it did in my head.  It’s hard for a picky person to get used to.


4.  …that other people’s friends are more willing to like, comment, and share than mine are

isn;t fair


5.  ….that I usually get inspiration for what I am going to say in my blog posts from the weirdest things and it is never when I am sitting in front of the computer trying to think of something to say



6.  …that all the important people I know don’t live in Memphis



7.  …that I actually love to nerd out over data and map-making.  It’s so much fun!

nerding out


8.  …that It’s really hard to remember to “check-in” when you go to different places.  Sometimes, you just don’t think about it but then you realized OMG I really want to be Mayor of Kroger!

yeah you failed


9.  …that I’m constantly having to say the same phrase over and over and over and over in order to keep up with two WordPress blogs, a Facebook profile, a Facebook page, a Pinterest account, a Twitter account, a personal Tumblr, a Photo365 Tumblr, a LinkedIn account, a Foursquare account, a Yelp account, an Instagram account, a Snapchat account, a Nextdoor account – am I missing one????  Gah….I’m on auto repeat!!  Social Media maintenance is hard!

i'm working


10.  …that everyone else seems to knock out blog posts much more quickly than I do.

crazy pills


11.  …that sometimes I sit down to make an intelligent post but I can’t think of anything to write

stupid brain


12. …that usually all I feel about what I’ve read is…that’s cool!

cool story bro


13.  …that when I talk about my “topic blog,” TN Liberty, everyone stares at me as if i just said:

statue of liberty


14.  …that I start second guessing every thing I write



15.  …that you can no longer pretend to be a ninja and hide in your coat….people see you.  There are no blanket forts for adults

hide in your coat


and finally…


15.  ….that naps are wasted on the young



16.  ….that there is never enough coffee


I hope you all have enjoyed the past 3 months of my blogging life.  I do plan to continue updating this blog and TN Liberty as the days go on but the content will certainly be different!


With that being said….

I bid you adieu #socialj7330

May you bring sleepless nights to someone ELSE from this point forward!!