Weekly Reading Ramblings – Week 4 (Part II)


Robin Rambling on Week 4 Readings (Part II)


Screenshot 2014-03-15 21.10.4410 Tips for Participating in Dizzying Twitter Chats                                                  by Kenna Griffin                                                           

Journalist and media veteran, Kenna Griffin supplies Twitter Chat n00bs with some helpful hints to overcome the first time jitters.

Griffin explains that feeling overwhelmed during one’s first handful of Twitter Chats is extremely normal and that the fast pace of the posts can cause a dizzying effect in most people.  However, she believes that the information and connections that one gains from the experience is worth taking a deep breath and not giving up.

Griffin spells out some simple reminders and guidelines for the Tweet Chat beginner, ranging from the importance of the Chat subject matter to understanding the chat’s rules.  She also gives the basic instructions for tweeting a formal introduction and reminds readers that it’s okay to miss things during the chat – not all tweets are meant for everyone.

Personally, I found her 10 Tips to be quite helpful as I am just now learning the ins and outs of the Tweet Chat.  For example, I wasn’t aware that each chat had specific rules and those rules were typically given out approximately one hour to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.  I was also relieved to know that it was in fact correct to use the TweetChat hashtag EVERY time you posted, even when speaking to a person from the chat through a direct message and that following people with whom you spoke during the TweetChat was appropriate and encouraged.

If you are new to Twitter or just new to Tweet Chats (or Twitter Chats, depending on who you are talking to), I highly suggest you check out Kenna Griffin’s 10 Tips for Participating in Dizzying Twitter Chats and some of the other articles located at the bottom of this post.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Reading Ramblings – Week 4 (Part II)

    • Thanks! I began to get frustrated because the information about Twitter Chats that gave more in depth information (beyond the basics) were quite hard to locate – had to use several combinations of keywords etc.

      Also, when I was searching for a Twitter Chat to participate in, there seemed to no complete and exhaustive list of chats. Again – they were spread out and only able to be located when using different keyword combinations – or they were all REALLY old and no longer valid. I wanted to give everyone a place to find current help in ONE location. Now, if we can just get people to know that it is HERE. Grins.

      Also – if you find any other links or if anyone out there knows of one – send them to me and I will continuously update this post!


      • Carrie Brown

        Cool. Yeah, there used to be this great list of chats that was in a Google Doc and was kept pretty updated, but it’s no longer available and I couldn’t find another really well-done set of listings either.


  1. Thanks for linking to my “How to Twitter Chat”. I need to update our “How To”. My #Grantchat co-moderator and I have learned a lot about Tweet Chats in the past year. You’ve inspired me to work on a new post! I’ll send you a new link soon. Loved seeing all of these resources for tweet chats – we didn’t have these resources when we started and it is exciting to see many great resources collected in one place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for making the post in the first place! It was difficult to find a post or article that included significantly helpful information that went above and beyond the obvious stuff like “make sure you use the hashtag” or “find chats at TweetChat.” Some people understand the basics but need to be reassured that everyone find its overwhelming at first and others are looking for answers as to how it would be helpful for their personal brand or their company! I’m looking forward to reading your new post and will be sure to link it here! Thanks again, Jo!!!


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