Photo365 Challenge – Day 8


Meet Bonono

Bonono is my trusty monkey pal.  A good friend gave him to me, many years ago and he has not left my side.  As a grad student who spends most of her time studying in her living room, I’ve been struggling to find interesting pictures for this Photo365 Challenge.  There are only so many selfies a girl can take!

I realized that Bonono needs his time to shine and at least 15 minutes of fame.  This Photo365 Challenge has now been taken over by Bonono, and is a chronicle of his very important, furry little life.  In the coming weeks, you may see pictures of The Adventures of Bonono and Bones.  Bones, a puppy, is Bonono’s pal and companion in crime.

Currently, Bones is working on his own Photo365 Challenge.  If you’re interested in seeing what he is up to, follow him by clicking here.

Bonono declares that it is his turn to check his Facebook.  Who knew that monkeys would have so many friends?!



Bonono points out a Facebook status that he find particularly interesting.  It says ” Say what you will about the South, but no one retires and moves up north.”  That’s funny “nono” and quite true.  He and I agree that warm weather is always better!


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